A new dimension in nanotechnology

White Graphene Secures Place Among Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers

Queensland-based nanomaterials company White Graphene Limited has received a coveted Silver Award in the inaugural 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers awards unveiled in Melbourne earlier this week (July 4).

The awards were created by @AuManufacturing and the Australian Manufacturing Forum to recognise manufacturing excellence in Australia.

It is the second major recognition for White Graphene in the last two months after the company

secured $100,000 and a partnership with Boeing to develop nanomaterial applications in the space and aerospace industries after winning the Sustainability in Space Pitch Competition.

White Graphene was founded in 2020 as a joint venture between Deakin University’s Institute of Frontier Materials and ASX-listed PPK Group Ltd (ASX: PPK), to commercialise novel research into the manufacture of boron nitride nano sheets, or white graphene.

The sheets can be used as an additive to existing materials to drastically improve the mechanical properties of applications it is added to. Among other things, it is an excellent thermal conductor and electrical insulator, it is close to 140 times stronger than steel, it has a wide bandgap, shields against radiation, and is impermeable to moisture and hydrogen gas.

White Graphene is the only manufacturer of boron nitride nano sheets at scale in the world.

White Graphene Commercial Director Lieuwke de Jong said it was an honour to be included into the inaugural Top 50 and thanked @AuManufacturing and the Australian Manufacturing Forum for putting the awards.

“White Graphene is a proud Australian company that is developing and commercialising a material that can have a meaningful impact on the products and services of our customers, and contribute to a better tomorrow,” he said.

“Our success to date is based on the constructive and supportive interaction between experienced product engineers and the incredible talented scientists at Deakin University.

“Together we have built a unique and patented manufacturing solution that means we can produce White Graphene at a volume and price that makes it attractive to a range of industries and partners.”